If statement fortran

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If statement fortran

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if fortran statement

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Such expressions are used in "if then" The if statements. If it is true, the block of FORTRAN statements is carried out. IF STATEMENTS: Some historical background: The Logical IF has been around since the beginning in FORTRAN. An ELSE IF block consists of all the executable statements following the ELSE IF statement up to, but not including, the next ELSE IF , ELSE , or END IF The arithmetic IF statement conditionally transfers control to one of three statements, based on the It is an obsolescent feature in Fortran 95 and Fortran 90.Fortran evaluates logical-expression-1 and if the result is .TRUE., statements-1 is executed followed by the statement after END IF. The action is any single Fortran statement. If logical-expression-1 is . The most common such statement in Fortran is the ifstatement, The logical expression is something that is true or false. Jump to if - Fortran has a block-if statement of the form: if (logical expression1) then ''Lines of Fortran'' else if (logical expression2) then ''Lines of Fortran'' A logical expression is a relation between variables or expressions that can have a value of TRUE or FALSE. FORTRAN: Branching Logic: IF Statements. An important part of any programming language are the conditional statements. In its simplest form a logical IF simply executes some other single statement if some logical The IF,THEN,ELSE block structure was introduced in Fortran 77. If it is false, the program continues from the Aug 8, 2003 - What this means is that, if the condition in brackets is met, then the specified action is taken.
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